Tendering Phase Of Project Management

The tendering stage is to help clients select the right contractors for the project. Our past experience and current expertise has helped us evolve tendering methods which are fool proof to surprises at a later stage. The key to efficient and cost effective execution at site is when the tenders drawings and documents are unambiguous. Our tenders are coat Shah & Talati, we believe every activity in the tendering phase has a time and cost implication on the entire project. We strongly adhere to our values of fairness, clarity, simplicity and accountability while inviting and assessing bids, and awarding tenders to interested contractors.


While providing project management consulting services in tendering, our expert team of architects, engineers, surveyors, project managers and, structural designers and consultants ensure that true competition is achieved by following standards in the criteria of financial standing, experience, capability and competence. Our team also takes into consideration other factors such as time and proposed methods or levels of capability.

As civil and structural engineering consultants, the host of professional services that we provide in the tendering phase include:

  • Preliminary & detailed cost estimating
  • Procurement assistance for owner procured materials
  • Pre-qualification of bidders
  • Bid / tender / enquiry documents
  • Bidding process management
  • Bid scrutiny & assistance with award
  • Contract preparation on behalf of owners
  • Advise on construction agreements
  • Checking & certifying bills