Pre-Planning Phase

The pre-planning is the base line for the project and hence our approach is to understand client requirements and advice and what can be done and what should not be done. In this phase we utilize our experience and expertise across domains to provide best possible solutions to project demands.

For any project, the pre-planning is one of the most crucial phases involving a multitude of tasks such as thoughtful conception, selection of sites, surveys, evaluation of available resources, compliance with laws and regulations, contractual arrangements, etc. At Shah & Talati, we strongly believe that the decisions taken during the pre-planning process have greater influence on the project progress as well as on the time, cost and quality of the work.


In the pre-planning phase, our team of engineers and architects gather as much relevant information that can be used to map the project plan, identify and address possible risks as well as to allocate sufficient resources that result in increased project predictability leading to overall time and cost savings.

As project management service providers , the host of professional services that we provide in the pre-planning phase include:

  • Site selection for the proposed facility
  • Preliminary designs based on highway control lines, margins, control lines based on existing power lines, gas lines etc.
  • Land development and proposal on levels for the selected site
  • Geotechnical Consultancy and contour survey