Gautam Talati

Mr. Gautam Talati is a Civil Engineer with many landmark projects to his credit. Mr. Talati founded the firm in 1965 and continues to practice very actively. He understood the importance of numerical computing in the 70’s and thus adopted it at a very early date. He ensured that S&T stayed ahead on technology curve and is encouraging adopting of BIM as a standard practice in the firm. Mr. Talati has completed successfully numerous projects related to power plants, high voltage sub-stations, coal handling facilities, manufacturing plants etc. Since last two decades he has been involved more in contract management and basic planning of facilities. He firmly believes in the principle of three E’s – Economy, Elegance and Efficiency and his designs continue to reflect the same.He is a Bachelor in Civil engineer from BVM and continues to focus on nurturing talent in the office.

Navneet Vora

Mr. Vora is a structural engineer with more than 35 years of experience in field of civil and structural engineering. During his long career he has been involved in structural design for Power plants, Sub-stations, Coal handling plants and GIS buildings. He is currently handling the entire design team of the firm responsible for design and pre-bid estimation of such facilities. Mr. Vora believes very firmly in delivering such projects within pre-bid estimated costs and hence shares a very good rapport with his clients who are mainly EPC contractors. He is a Masters in Structural engineering from M.S University, Baroda and graduated in 1976.

Maitrey Talati

Mr. Maitrey is a civil engineer and joined the firm in 2003 and now has been part of the firm since last 12 years. During the early part of his career he was involved in structural design of buildings, power plants, mineral processing plants and flarestacks. Mr. Maitrey has designed process plants and flare supporting structures ranging from 30 meters to 180 meters in height across various locations worldwide. He has experience on American, South African and British codes of practice. During the last few years he has been involved in basic planning and contract management of industrial facilities.

Chirag Patel

Mr. Chirag Patel is a structural engineer and joined the firm in 2003. He is a Master in Structural Engineering from S.P University. He is leading a team of engineers who are involved in design of AIS, GIS and HVDC Switchyards from 33kv to 765kv.During the last few years he has been involved in Power Plant Structures & Foundation Design. Mr. Patel is also involved in coordination with EPC contractors and their engineering teams.

Bhaumik Thakkar

Mr. Bhaumik Thakkar is a structural engineer and joined the firm in 2008. He is a Master in Computer Aided Design from IIT Roorkee and has a very good theoretical background to the basic principles of structural engineering. He also leads a team of engineers involved in design of substation buildings, power plant structures; switchyard structures. Mr. Thakkar is also involved in technical approval of structural design and drawings for various projects.

Madhusudan Patel

Mr. Madhusudan Patel is a structural engineer and joined the firm in Aug.2007. He is a Master in Structural Engineering from VJIT, Mumbai. He and his team are involved in design of structures for Petro-Chemical, Refinery, Fertilizers etc. Mr. Patel has done design of lattice towers ranging from 30 m to 150 m and also self-supported chimneys upto 90 m in height. He is also involved in structural design of industrial facilities.

Pallavi Dixit

Ms. Pallavi Dixit is a structural engineer and joined the firm in June 2012. She is a Master in Structural Engineering from ISTAR, Vidyanagar and has total 12 years of experience. She is involved in Project – Co-ordination, Estimation and Tendering for Industrial facilities. Ms. Dixit has coordinated Industrial projects from tendering stage till its satisfactory completion. Prior to joining the firm she was involved in project management and procurement for a developer in Baroda.

K M Pandya

Mr. Pandya had joined the organization in April’14 and is a Bachelor in electrical engineering. He has a total experience of 36 years with ABB where he has worked in various functions of Design, Marketing, Project Management and construction Management of HV / UHV substation projects. Mr. Pandya is actively involved in Project Management of Industrial facilities and is also responsible for office and site coordination, procurement activities, reports etc.

Yogini Jani

Ms. Yogini Jani is a Estimation engineer and joined the firm in January 1995. She is a Bachelor in Civil Engineering from S.P .University, Vidhyanagar and has total 27 years of experience. She is involved in Pre bid Estimation for AIS,GIS , Power Plant projects and Material handling Projects. She is also involved in quantity estimation, bill checking of contractors, and procurement related activities.

Vishal Vora

Vishal had joined the organization in 2009 after completing M.E. (Structural Engineering) and was worked on structural design of buildings. During 2011-2012, he completed his Masters in Architectural Engineering. Since 2012 he has been actively working on Industrial Projects. His area of Focus is Construction Co-ordination, Architectural Co-ordination, and Utilities.

Rashmika Majmundar

Ms. Rashmika had completed her Bachelor of Architecture in 1979 from M.S. University of Baroda. After completing graduation, she worked with Government of Gujarat and later with Architect Mr. Rajan. Since 1985 she has been part of Shah & Talati and is heading all Architectural Design Aspects of various projects.

Sonali S. Bind

She has been working organization since 2012. She has completed her degree in architecture from M.S.University in 1995 & since then she has worked actively in architecture profession in different capacities and has completed various projects independently. She is also well versed with Vaastu aspects in design of buildings and facilities. She is involved in basic planning and façade development for various projects currently.

Niki Talati

Niki has completed her Graduation in Interior design for APIED – Vidya Nagar in 2004. She has joined the firm in 2005 and since then is working on interior design and architectural features for office buildings, canteens etc.