Renovation of ABC Bearings


Year 2009 - 2012

ABC Bearings and MIPCO were constructed between 1974 – 1981 with a construction area of about 7500 sqm for TR-1, 3500 sqm for TR-2 and 4000 sqm for MIPCO. Shah & Talati was responsible for structural engineering of all the three plants. Subsequently from 2009 Shah & Talati has been responsible for the renovation of all these plants and also expansion in facilities, additional utilities. Shah & Talati during the period worked with the client and contractor to keep the plant in operating condition while renovation was carried out. The MIPCO plant was re-conditioned to handle slewing bearings and for that machine foundations were constructed as well as RCC floor was re-laid. The TR-2 plant had kota stone flooring which was removed in phases and redone using RCC with epoxy for dust free environment. Entire roofing, doors & windows etc were replaced to meet the requirements of a morden auto-ancillary plant.

Architectural, Structural, Civil Utilities, Contract Management, Site supervision