Alstom Hydro


Year 1994 to Present
Alstom Hydro

Design of manufacturing facility for ABB Power Ltd at Maneja was done in 1994. The factory was having a built up area of 50000 sqm in phase I. The plant consisted of 200 ton crane, 75 ton crane, balancing tunnel for testing of turbines and also had machine foundations which required significant attention due to complexity and loadings. Shah & Talati has been associated with them since its inception and the plant is now part of Alstom Hydro. We have been working on all their expansions and modifications since its inception. During last 2 decades we have been involved in Strengthening / Extension of Bay – 2, 3, 4 and 5 for additional crane capacities, Bay 6 expansion, Engineering center, Pelton lab for testing of turbine blades, Bearing factory etc.

Architectural, Structural, Civil Utilities, Electrical, HVAC, Interior, Fire Protection, Contract Management, Site supervision