Commissioning and Post Production Phase

The commissioning and post construction phase is crucial in maintaining optimum performance of the facility throughout its life cycle. The commissioning activities include periodic maintenance, issue resolution, seasonal testing and compilation of the commissioning report which is a critical reference document for future re-commissioning of the facility. While, post construction activities include continued adjustment, optimization and modification of building systems to meet specified requirements.

At Shah & Talati, our team of structural engineering consultants, provide assistance with reviewing project requirements and performance, design drawings, construction documents and test all systems to ensure that they are installed and operating as intended. Our civil and engineering consultants have extensive experience in facility management, installation and testing, and thus are able to provide apt solutions to complexities involved with different sites and systems.

As one of the top structural consultants in Vadodara, the host of professional services that we provide in the commissioning and post construction phase include:

  • Closure of contracts
  • As built documentation
  • Assistance in maintenance