TBEA Green Energy Park


Year 2012 - 2013
TBEA - High Voltage Transformer Factory

Design of High Voltage transformer factory with a built up area of 30000 sqm. Key features of the project are as under:

  • Crane capacity of 2 x 400 mt in factory building assembly area (30 m x 170 m x 30 m high).
  • Test lab of size 45 m x 72 m x 40 m high.
  • Open storage yard of 30 m x 300 m long rcc floor with 400 t goliath crane of span 30 m + 2 x 12 m cantilever on each sides.
  • Built up area of utility buildings like compressor room, oil burner room, dg room, 66 kv substation and control room, oil farms, etc. Of about 6,000 sq m.
  • Admin Block is a steel structure with deck slabs
  • Electrical power requirement of about 20 mw
  • Air conditioning requirement of about 1,200 tons for factory

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